Lagoon Service

There are some properties located on lands that have a number of systems like lagoons or aerobic systems. This is a system that is used to treat wastewater and uses a tank that is similar to a septic tank. The solid waste will be held and broken down so that it does not get to the lagoon. In order to keep the holding tank will need to be cleaned often so as to keep it functioning in the right manner. We are pleased to offer lagoon service and we will ensure that the solid waste does not flow into the lagoon.

A lagoon is similar to a pond and it is usually raised and as such the wastewater is diverted away from the lagoon. Part of the maintenance is to ensure that there is nothing that grows on the berms as this will create a shadow that becomes an obstruction for the evaporation. There are different sizes of lagoons and our crews have the capacity to maintain each. Our services are specific and designed to ensure that there is a smooth flow of the wastewater from the house. The DEQ and EPA have provided requirements for the acceptable level of the lagoon. We are here to help you with the maintenance.

Lagoon Maintenance Schedules

Seeing that it is necessary to keep the lagoon at the acceptable level, there is a need to keep pumping out the water. In order to do this, you will need to have relevant knowledge and skills. We are a company that boasts of the best crew for the pumping and have the right equipment for such tasks. We have a number of trucks that can facilitate the pumping irrespective of the capacity that you need. Give us a call and we will be glad to provide our lagoon maintenance services. We can provide weekly or monthly lagoon services depending on your needs. As such, we will do an evaluation of your average wastewater flow do determine the frequency of the service.

Why Us?

We are the company that ensures you have a lagoon that is fully compliant with the DEQ regulations. Our specialists are knowledgeable and have the perfect solutions to ensure that your wastewater treatment systems are working efficiently. There are quite a number of health hazards that may end up affecting your property if the lagoon is neglected. We are the experts that have the right products and supplies to ensure that your lagoon is clean and well maintained. Our approach is personalized and you will love the services that we have to offer. Call us today and let us discuss your services.

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We are always ready and prepared to give you the best services irrespective of the system that you have. Our objective is to ensure that our clients are happy and satisfied with our services. Contact us for the best lagoon service at affordable rates. We look forward to serving you with the best services.